Return to Ives Lake – Part II

In my last post, I showed pictures of Ives Lake but not of the main building, the Stone House where the Longyears summered through the early twentieth century. On my trip there, we received a tour from John Case, Longyear descendant. Here are a few more photos:

The Stone House from across Ives Lake

The Stone House, side view

In a bedroom of the Stone House. Today Michigan State University students stay here to study the wildlife, geology, and plants of the Huron Mountain region.


On the front porch of the Stone House, relaxing.

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16 Comments on “Return to Ives Lake – Part II”

  1. John Royce Says:

    These are great pics, Tyler! Your passion and dedication to your writing and history shows … really great views from Stone House.

    Looking forward to your next release, hope you’re having a wonderful and productive Summer!

  2. Mark O'Brien Says:

    Nice to see that others have visited Stone House. I was a researcher there at various times from 1984-2002. Actually, it’s not MSU students that stay there, but researchers and students from many different universities.

    • Thanks for reading, Mark. I thought it was part of an MSU extension program, but it’s good to know it’s a place of study for a variety of people. I hope you enjoyed your time there.

  3. Harry Annan Says:

    Tyler, our family from Canada, visited Ives lake 3 times in the early 60’s & never forgot it. A wonderful experience…..our first view of the Stone House across the lake on the access road was reminiscent of something from the Lady of Shallot. On a return visit in the 80’s due to the kind interest of a Longyear descendant,our stay was very secretive & structured. We only had 2 hours & were basically not welcomed by the locals. It was sad to see the state of disrepair back then Still, my memories are magical. Have the buildings been restored? Any visits allowed??

    Harry Annan
    La salle Ontario……

    • Hi Harry,

      Thanks for the comment. Yes, I think the buildings are in very good condition from what I saw two summers ago when I was there. The property is still exclusive to the Huron Mountain Club, but the Marquette Regional History Center hosts a “Return to Ives Lake” event almost every year where people can visit for the afternoon and get a tour by John Case, a Longyear descendant. It’s usually on a Sunday afternoon in the summer or early fall – I think the next one is Sept 16th. You could write to the museum to get on their mailing list if you wanted to be informed of the next possible visit. Their website is – it is definitely a special place. I have very fond memories of it, although I was only five the last time I was there as a child.

  4. Gigi Paul Says:

    It’s amazing what a simple Google can do! My name is Gigi Paul, and my GreatGrandfather JM Longyear built the Stonehouse. My dad (Howard Paul, JM’s Grandson) owned it until it was sold to Huron Mountain Club. I lived at Ives until I was 5 years old. Tyler, it looks like that bedroom you’re sitting in was mine, when I was still in a crib…

    • Hi Gigi,
      Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you found a familiar memory at my blog. It may well have been your bedroom. I have very good memories of being at Ives Lake until I was five when my grandpa was the caretaker there in the early 1970s.


    • Lance Says:

      Hi Gigi,

      I stayed at Ives the summer of 1960 in the Cedar cabin and it was my favorite childhood vacation. The place had everything. I played the piano in the guest house, went diving with the horseflies, swam at the beach, went fishing in a boat, and climbed Ives Mountain twice!! The Chicken Coop cabin was in the brochure for the next year, but we never went back and I never knew why. My parents have both passed. Is it too personal to ask when your dad sold and why?

    • Dick Sherwood Says:

      Gigi, nice to read your thoughts. Your uncle Phil gave us a tour of the Stone House. Your dad also had shared some photos. Surely must have been a special place.

  5. Harry Annan Says:

    Gigi……this blog is great. Your dad Howard was so kind to our family. I’m the oldest of 8 siblings & back in Windsor none of us had our own room. The large guest house was dream come true & that piano echoed through the house for the weeks we spent there.

    Harry Annan

  6. It still does, Gigi. Every couple of years the museum has a fundraiser like the one I went to because people want to see the place.

  7. Scott Kennedy Says:

    Gigi, Kitty, John, Carol& Tina,

    Beat wishes to all & Bill and I talk often about what wonderful times we had at Ives! I see by satelite that most of the cabins have been torn down. What a shame. I got a signed copy of John’s book. Let me know where we are so we can keep in touch. I still have and cherish the watercolor that Your mom painted for me on my 9th birthday.

    Best wishes to all,Scott Kennedy

    • Gigi Paul Says:

      Wow. I remember Scott Kennedy! Not very well, but yes! Hello!

      • Scott kennedy Says:

        I remember you very well. You lived in T-Town for a while in the early 80’s and I think played the cello or obo according to my mom. Kitty & Tom lived here at the same time. I emailed John Case a number of years ago through the Longyear Museum. Like to catch up with all of you & your activities, but not on this forum. Try


      • Harry Annan Says:

        This note is for Gigi Paul….I’m inquiring as to a certain curio that ws in residence at the large guest house..a Japanese style iron/bronze large urn or planter. Howard Paul gave it to my Mom back in the early 60’s & I’ve often wondered what the background of the piece was. Gigi do you have any idea how it came to Ives Lake…or maybe you don’t remember it?.. Harry Annan

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