Return to Ives Lake

Last month the Marquette County History Museum held a fundraiser with a special afternoon excursion at Ives Lake. Ives Lake is located at the Huron Mountain Club and was the summer retreat of Marquette’s Longyear family. The visit was particularly meaningful to me because my grandfather, Lester White, was the caretaker there from 1971-1976 so I was a frequent visitor during that time when I was a very young child. My mom and I made the visit last month and took the following photos. My short story “Flannel Shirt” largely takes place at a fictionalized version of Ives Lake. Since the story has just been published in the latest issue of “Recovering the Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing,”  Vol. II, no. 3, people might be interested in seeing photos of the place that inspired the story.

The back of the barn.

The Barn and Caretaker's House

The Guest House

The side and roof of the barn.


My mom and I had a wonderful time reminiscing about the many happy summers we spent at Ives Lake, swimming, fishing, playing in the yard, watching my grandpa feed the chipmunks and raccoons and even a woodchuck. I remember my fifth birthday party here when I got a record player and Peter Pan records, the kind with the book and story. I trust a few of my readers remember those.

If you ever get a chance to visit Ives Lake, take the opportunity. I’ll post more about its history later, and of course, you can read about it in my upcoming book My Marquette.

My Marquette - Coming Christmas 2010!

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2 Comments on “Return to Ives Lake”

  1. Rob Says:

    This is very interesting. We used to take summer vacations to Ives Lake in the early to mid-60s. We stayed, always, in what was called the Birch House which was down at the other end of the drive from the main house or Stone House. I can’t remember for sure the name of the guy(for some reason I think it was Howard) who was running the place at the time but he was a child hood friend of my dad’s as I recollect and I think he actually lived in Florida after he closed up the place for the winter. I have several slides and photos of us at Ives Lake. One of my memories was when we would canoe across the lake to Mount Ives. We always brought our Springer Spaniel, Mindy, with us. One day we were well out into the lake towards Mt. Ives. She had broken out of the house, ran down, and swam out to us. Nearly tipped the canoe over climbing in. i was probable about 7 at the time.

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