The Overshadowed Drowning – Hugh Allen

In my last post, I wrote about Howard Longyear’s famous drowning. Sadly, the Longyears resulting decision to move their mansion has overshadowed that Howard Longyear’s friend Hugh Allen drowned with him. Here is a little about the Allen family and home from My Marquette:

The Allen Home today

This home was built in 1887 for Ephraim W. Allen, the treasurer of the DSS&A Railroad. The son of a Salem, Massachusetts preacher, Mr. Allen came to Marquette in 1880 as a bookkeeper for the Detroit, Mackinac and Marquette Railroad while the railroad was still being built. Before the railroad was complete, Senator McMillan, its prime builder, appointed Allen as its cashier and paymaster. Mr. Allen would be one of the charter members of the Huron Mountain Shooting and Fishing Club. His son, Hugh, was great friends with Howard Longyear; both boys would drown in Lake Superior in 1900 while canoeing together between Marquette and the Huron Mountain Club. Upon his son’s death, Mr. Allen retired from the Club, but in sympathy, the other members granted him a lifelong membership until his death in 1916.

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2 Comments on “The Overshadowed Drowning – Hugh Allen”

  1. Tom Wright Says:

    Thank you for sharing. E. W. Allen is a distant relative of mine.

    Tom Wright
    Lexington, MA

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