Waterfalls 2 – Agate Falls

A few days ago I posted photos of my visit to Bond Falls. Not far from there, lower down the Ontonagon River, is Agate Falls, which I also visited.

Agate Falls has a higher drop than Bond Falls. It also is more difficult to walk to the bottom since the stairs once there have long since been removed, but walking down the slippery steep rocks along the river is well worth the effort, provided you’re careful.

Forest at the bottom of Agate Falls

Not only are the falls beautiful, but so is the forest, and the many twisting roots among the rocks that made me feel like I was in a forest out of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings novels.

And it’s well worth it to see the falls. I could feel the spray coming off them as I took these photos.

Agate Falls with walking bridge above

If walking down to the bottom of the falls is too strenuous, there is also an amazing old railroad trestle that has been made into a walking bridge from which you can view the falls. Here is a picture taken from the bridge.

Agate Falls, taken from the walking bridge above

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2 Comments on “Waterfalls 2 – Agate Falls”

  1. Nice post the Agate Falls with Walking Bridge Above is a great shot. thanks for sharing.

  2. Lynn Emerick Says:

    Nice photos, Tyler. I didn’t know the old trestle has been made into a walking bridge…have to see that next time. Has the Gift Shop/Snack Shop building been rebuilt since the fire?

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