is launched – my new website!

I am very pleased to announce the launch of my new website – King Arthur’s World in Fact and Fiction!

This new website will focus upon King Arthur’s Descendants, both in blood and in spirit!

I bet many of you did not know King Arthur had children, but the Arthurian legend is rich with obscure stories of Arthur’s descendants, stories that may reveal glimpses into the historical King Arthur, if he existed, as well as insight into our modern times and how we perceive the legend today.

King Arthur's Children: A Study in Fiction and Tradition

In conjunction with the website is the publication of my new book King Arthur’s Children: A Study in Fiction and Tradition, a study of the treatment of King Arthur’s children from the early Welsh legends, through the Middles Ages and to the present day in modern Arthurian novels. The book is currently available as a Kindle edition at Amazon, and printed copies in paper and hardback editions should be available by late January.

In the future I am also planning to publishing a series of Arthurian novels. More details are available at

Of course, I will continue to write about Marquette, The Queen City of the North, both here on my blog as well as in producing future novels set in Marquette. Keep coming back for more information about Marquette and my books!

Best wishes to all!

Tyler R. Tichelaar

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