The U.P. Author Book Tour is in Full Swing

In case you haven’t heard, for the next month more than 60 authors who write about Michigan and the U.P. will visit more than 20 U.P. communities. I’ll be participating in several of the events.

The Mining Journal recently covered the first event of the book tour and quoted me extensively in part of the article as follows:

“Upper Michigan has long deserved wider attention for its diverse and rich culture and atmosphere,” Tichelaar said. “Everything exists here to make great fiction, from its history, to its powerful forces of nature, its isolation from the rest of the country, and the strength of its people. I wish to support all efforts to treat it as literature….As an author of Upper Michigan literature, I welcome fresh voices and differing points of view about the influence this area has upon people and how that influence is shaped into literature.

Ron Riekki, author of “U.P.” is the organizer of the book tour which will include Lisa Cerasoli Weaver, Matthew Gavin Frank, Beverly Matherne, Jerry Harju, Marty Achatz, Jonathan Johnson, Gretchen Preston, John Carr, Steve Hamilton, Roxanne Gay, Darrin Doyle, Jane Piirto, and numerous other Michigan and U.P. Authors. Book signings and author panels discussing Upper Michigan literature will be held in such diverse places as Marquette, Negaunee, St. Ignace, Houghton, Menominee, Palmer, and Gwinn.

View the full book tour schedule at Ron Riekki’s website:

The U.P. Book Tour is the biggest literary event ever to come to Upper Michigan. Come out and support Upper Michigan literature. After all, what better place to write about?


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2 Comments on “The U.P. Author Book Tour is in Full Swing”

  1. Lynn Emerick Says:

    A large undertaking; hope the audiences in the outlying areas are interested, too. Do wish the organizer would lay off on his comments on “self-Publishing” as if its proponents were still in the Vanity Publishing era. Wish also that the pros of control of the product and better profits were highlighted at some point. (Shameless self-promotion: we’ve sold over 20,000 copies, so we must be doing something right, even beyond the “regional” focus. End of rant

    • Thanks for the comment, Lynn. Yes, we independently (self-published) authors can have great success. You and Lon have done very well with independently publishing your books, and while my numbers are not as impressive as yours, they are well into the thousands. I know Karl Bohnak equally is in the ten thousands. Considering that 98% of books sell less than 500 copies, we must be doing something right. Furthermore, my good friend Patrick Snow self-published his book “Creating Your Own Destiny” which sold around 150,000 copies and led to it being picked up by John Wiley & Sons, as well as a book deal to publish his newest book “The Affluent Entrepreneur.” By approaching self-publishing in a practical and professional way, an author can produce a quality book readers will love, and at the end of the day, what matters is what the readers think (and the majority couldn’t care less if it’s traditionally or independently published).

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