Poetry for Christmas – U.P. Poet L.E. Ward

Since it’s Christmas time, my friend, L.E. Ward, native of Iron River and author of numerous poetry books, has sent me a new original poem to place on my blog. The poem recalls his own childhood growing up in Iron River:




There was none either before or since

like those I used to know,

in a world covered with ice and snow and cold,


of playground bullies at school,

who would tug my mittens and coat

and leave me to extricate myself


from snow drifts, on the way home

up to my hips, but at home, a haven,

a heaven, neither beneath earth or above,


in a citadel of warmth, a fortress of Love,

an interest in Life, Itself,

in human things, stickers and name-tags

and gift wrap, X for kisses, O for hugs,


and holiday cartoon jamborees at the movies,

an item of canned goods would garner admittance

to the company of Popeye, Casper, Bugs Bunny,


and Terrytoons’ Heckel and Jeckel,

those raucous blackbirds who so disturbed

and perturbed Farmer Brown and his corn fields.


At home, my mother would decorate

our house and tree, with alleged help

from me, who sat mouth agap,


like a rapt witness to the wonder

of it all, willing to play my part,

so the candles of memory were lit, one by one,


never guessing that in time,

such times, in time, by time,

itself, would be overcome,


but eager for presents,

too anxious to sleep,

too filled with belief


to question belief, and unaware

of a future time, in which images and rhymes,

alone, such times might keep.


— L.E. Ward


You can find out more about L.E. Ward and his books, including The Child Who Loved Movies, The Hollywood Poems, and Portraits of Life at Amazon.

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