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Audition Dates Set for My Play “Willpower”

June 15, 2014
Poster for Willpower, an original play by Tyler Tichelaar. Poster art by Cory Sustarich.

Poster for Willpower, an original play by Tyler Tichelaar. Poster art by Cory Sustarich.

As most of you know, my historical play Willpower, will be produced this September by the Marquette Regional History Center at Kaufman Auditorium in Marquette.

Auditions will be held July 11 and 12 from 1:00-4:00 p.m., with callbacks on July 14 from 12:00-4:00 p.m. Both auditions and callbacks will be at the City of Marquette Arts and Culture in workshop #4. A pianist will be provided on both audition days. Please prepare a 90 second cutting from a musical or Broadway style song, and monologue. Ages 6-100 are welcome. There will also be cold reading material provided at auditions for those who do not have a monologue prepared. Show dates will be September 18 & 19, 2014 7:00 p.m. at Kaufman Auditorium.

Will Adams a Marquette boy, his name is synonymous with the sheer will it took for him to survive his late boyhood years to the age of 32. In early adolescence his soft tissues were becoming hard, gradually turning him into a living statue. It was the late 1800’s and physicians of the day were baffled. Others faced with such a dark future might have felt sorry for themselves and turned inward. Not so for Will. His disease brought about a creative burst of energy. This is a story not only about one young man’s perseverance, but about the Marquette community members who came together in support of his creative endeavors. Join us for this amazing story of love, wit, mind over matter, and the relationships that Will fostered within his short life!

For those who cannot attend either audition day please call Moire Embley at (906)869-2290 or Red Bays at (906)226-3571, or email to set up a separate time. Scripts will be available to pick up at the Marquette Regional History Center starting June 3. For further information or questions please call Jessica “Red” Bays at the Marquette Regional History Center (906)226-3571.

“Willpower” is funded in part by The Michigan Humanities Council, Marquette Community Federation, Upper Peninsula Health Plan and by the Marquette Regional History Center.

My New King Arthur Historical Fantasy Series Is Launched!

June 6, 2014



Historical Fantasy Series Debuts with Twist on King Arthur Legend

 “Arthur’s Legacy,” first in a groundbreaking new historical fantasy series by award-winning author Tyler R. Tichelaar, suggests Camelot’s story was distorted by its enemies and reveals the role of King Arthur’s descendants throughout history.

Arthur's Legacy: The Children of Arthur, Book One - the first in a five book Arthurian historical fantasy series

Arthur’s Legacy: The Children of Arthur, Book One – the first in a five book Arthurian historical fantasy series

Marquette, MI, June 1, 2014—What if everything we ever thought we knew about King Arthur were false? What if Mordred were one of Camelot’s greatest heroes rather than Arthur’s enemy, but someone purposely distorted the story? What if King Arthur’s descendants live among us today and are ready to set the record straight? Award-winning novelist and Arthurian scholar Tyler R. Tichelaar offers entertaining and visionary answers to those questions in his new novel “Arthur’s Legacy: The Children of Arthur, Book One” (ISBN 9780979179082, Marquette Fiction, 2014).

The Arthurian legend says King Arthur and Mordred, his illegitimate son, born of incest, slew each other at the Battle of Camlann. But early in Tyler R. Tichelaar’s new novel, “Arthur’s Legacy,” that belief is called into question by a modern day man who claims to have been an eyewitness of events at Camelot. Disrupting a lecture, the mysterious man declares, “I will not be silent; Mordred has been falsely accused for nearly fifteen hundred years. It is time the truth be known.”

Soon, a series of strange events are set in motion, and at their center is Adam Delaney, a young man who never knew his parents. When Adam learns his father’s identity, he travels to England to find him, never suspecting he will also find ancient family secrets, including the true cause of Camelot’s fall.

In “Arthur’s Legacy,” Tichelaar draws on many often overlooked sources, including the involvement of Guinevere’s sister Gwenhwyvach in Camelot’s downfall, Mordred’s magnanimous character, Arthur’s other forgotten children, the legend that Jesus’ lost years were spent in Britain, and the possibility that Arthur’s descendants live among us today.

When asked about his inspiration for writing The Children of Arthur series, Tichelaar said, “For centuries the British royal family has claimed descent from King Arthur, but DNA and mathematical calculations would suggest that if King Arthur lived, nearly everyone alive today would be his descendant. The five novels in this series ask, ‘What if the myths and legends of King Arthur, Charlemagne, Dracula, Ancient Troy, Adam and Eve, and so many others were true? How would that knowledge change who we are today?’”

Arthurian scholars and novelists are raving about “Arthur’s Legacy.” John Matthews, author of “King Arthur: Dark Age Warrior and Mythic Hero,” says “‘Arthur’s Legacy’ is a fresh new take on the ancient and wondrous myth of Arthur.” Sophie Masson, editor of “The Road to Camelot,” calls “Arthur’s Legacy,” “an intriguing blend of action-packed time-slip fantasy adventure, moving love story, multi-layered mystery, and unusual spiritual exploration.” Debra Kemp, author of “The House of Pendragon” series, states, “Tichelaar has performed impeccable research into the Arthurian legend, finding neglected details in early sources and reigniting their significance.” And Steven Maines, author of “The Merlin Factor” series, concludes “Arthur’s Legacy” “will surely take its rightful place among the canon of great Arthurian literature.”

About the Author

Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D., is the author of numerous historical fiction novels, including “The Best Place,” and the scholarly books “The Gothic Wanderer: From Transgression to Redemption” and “King Arthur’s Children.” In writing “The Children of Arthur” series, Tichelaar drew upon Arthurian and Gothic literature and biblical and mythic stories to reimagine human history. “Melusine’s Gift,” the second novel in the series, will be published in 2015.

“Arthur’s Legacy: The Children of Arthur, Book One” (ISBN 9780979179082, Marquette Fiction, 2014) can be purchased through local and online bookstores. Ebook editions are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers. For more information, visit Review copies available upon request.