Ten-Year Anniversary Edition Released of Iron Pioneers: The Marquette Trilogy, Book One » iron_pioneers-anniversary_cover

Iron Pioneers has a new cover for its ten-year anniversary edition as well as a new preface.

2 Comments on “iron_pioneers-anniversary_cover”

  1. Mary Winker Says:

    Dear Mr Tichelaar,

    My good friend lent me your book The Iron Pioneers while I was rehabing from a surgery. I donate books to our local Goodwill all the time. I inadvertantly included this book in with the books I donated on Friday December 14th 2018. I had my friend over and realized I had donated it the day before. My friend has been a good sport about it and we both went down to Goodwill to see if we could get it back. I told her I would replace the book. That was when she told me that you had signed it. So I am in a pickle. Can you help me?

    • Hi Mary,
      I sign all my copies so if you live around Marquette you can get another copy at Snowbound, Michigan, Fair, or the Marquette Regional History Center. If you need a copy that is signed to your friend specifically, you can buy one from my website http://www.MarquetteFiction.com and send me an email letting me know who to sign the book to and I can mail it to you. My email is tyler@marquettefiction.com. Or if you live locally, email me and you can come pick one up from me for $25.00.

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