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Waterfalls – Bond Falls

September 13, 2010

The roaring Ontonagon River as it turns into a waterfall

I love waterfalls. They are up there with trees among the most beautiful things you will ever see.

This past weekend I visited what may now be my favorite U.P. waterfall – Bond Falls. Besides the long downward slope of little waterfall steps you watch as you walk down quite a long trail along the Ontonagon River, the waterfall ends in not only a dramatic large fall, but a fall that is a semi-circle that you can walk around. Its circular pattern is very impressive, and walking around the well constructed platforms, maintained by UPPCO, gives you a large spectacular view of the waterfall’s various sides.

The main drop of the falls at the bottom is an impressive 50 feet high, and the Ontonagon River in all flows 875 from Bond Falls being the first drop down into Lake Superior. From this point, the river runs down to nearby Agate Falls.

At one point, I felt breathless seeing the farthest end of the falls with all the green lush trees and grass around the waterfall and riverbanks. And I thought, this must be what heaven looks like.

Take a look at my photos and see if you agree with me. And after visiting Bond Falls, be sure to visit nearby Agate Falls, also on the Ontonagon River and very impressive in itself. For more information, visit

Bond Falls - the first sight at the bottom.

Central view of the round, two-sided Bond Falls


Heaven must look like this.