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Information on Norma Ross and Comedic Operetta in Marquette Sought

August 23, 2013

I am reposting this for The Marquette Regional History Center:

Call for information! The History Center is looking for information on Norma Ross, now deceased, but a life long resident of Marquette. Miss Ross was a music teacher with the Marquette Public Schools. She was active in the community and was a dedicated friend of William S. Adams. The two wrote a comedic operetta “Miss D.Q. Pons” which was very popular and toured the Upper Peninsula in 1905. The History Center is also interested in finding an original copy of this production.

Do you have any information on Norma Ross or “Miss D.Q. Pons”? Or do you know of someone who may have information?  Please contact the History Center by calling 906.226.3571 or by email to